Efva Lilja is an artist working with choreography, visual art, films and writings. She has set a world record, danced on the North Pole and received a number of prizes and awards. From 1985 to 2005 she was Artistic Director of the E.L.D. Company based in Stockholm, producing work in more then 35 countries. Since 2003 she has, parallel to her artistic work, been Professor of Choreography and 2006-2013 the Vice-Chancellor of DOCH, the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. 2014 she is the Expert Advisor on artistic research at the Ministry of Education in Sweden. Efva Lilja is also an activist in cultural politics, for instance on the EU level in Team Culture 2012, and 2013-2014 she’s invited by President José Manuel Barroso to be part of the project A new Narrative for Europe.

Since the late 1990s she has worked with artistic research and been an active force nationally and internationally, working to improve conditions for artists to undertake research in their artistic practices. 2014 she is engaged in the boards of the ELIA, PEEK and SAR. She presents, writes and lectures frequently on the topic of her art, of artistic research and of the role of art in the today society.